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Merciful Days: Beautiful Expectations


Rom 8v16“And don’t forgot a note!” She sang at me while I packed her lunchbox this morning. “A note for my lunchbox!”

I had tucked a note into her lunchbox on her first day of school last week.  And I wrote a note for her second day too. And third. And fourth. And fifth. And sixth. And now the seventh.  Every day in her school career has featured a note from her mum.  She knows no school day without a note.  For her, it’s the norm.  She expects notes from me.

Guess what I decided today? I will be writing daily notes for my sweet daughter. Perhaps for the next 13 years.

As I folded today’s note into her pink princess sandwich box and thought about her beautiful expectation, I saw a challenge to my Faith.  An inspiration for my relationship with Yahweh. [Continue…]

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Merciful Days: Keeper of the home


Keeper of the home 1It’s not that I’m ungrateful. It’s not that I want anything to change. It’s just that this is a different life than I expected.

It’s noon and so far I have sorted two loads of clean laundry, tidied rooms, done dishes, changed a pee diaper, changed a poop diaper, vacuumed, made breakfast, cleaned the kitchen, put in more laundry, tended to a crying pox-covered child, disciplined the non-poxed one, hovered over the poxed one to get her to pick up her toys, processed medical paperwork, worked on our August budget, angrily picked up my husband’s socks and assorted other abandoned clothes of his, turned a blind eye to the bathrooms that have needed cleaning for far too long, worked out a meal plan for the week using only what we have on hand because this month’s budget is $500 short, researched MRSA because the doctor’s office called with positive culture results from the pox (“We are running additional tests”), and felt frustrated at every turn.  Mad, even.  Except I’m too tired to maintain being mad.

Today I feel like a tattered remnant of myself.  This is the weirdest job I’ve ever had. And it’s not a job. It’s what I am: mother of small children.

Mothers of small children are a people group unto themselves.  This season of motherhood shapes a female human in very specific ways.  And regardless of occupational circumstances, whether she be full-time at-home or full-time work-and-home, mothers of small children are stretched thin.

Oh so thin.

A few years ago my friend, who at the time was pregnant with their first-born, said she was worried that she’d feel stuck at home after baby was born.  My response, as a mother of one toddler, had been so confident: “The answer is easy. If you feel that way, let’s get in the car and go somewhere fun!”

Nothing wrong with positive thinking. Right?  But today I’m feeling so deeply what my friend had feared.  It’s as she described: stuck. Stuck at home. Stuck in my heart. Stuck in a rut. Stuck in the hamster wheel of day after day sameness.  Like I’m living in my own version of the movie “Groundhog Day.” I’m desperate to find a way out of this loop.  Today the thinly stretched me is asking:  Am I living in the fullness of God’s creation of me?

Today I felt led to Titus 2.  And by “led” I mean… it came to mind and it made me angry.  And I see His familiar presence in the stirring of my heart.  The Holy Spirit is taking me to a passage to mentor me.  He whispered, “keeper of the home” to my heart to get my attention.  And, as He knew I would, my reaction was to rise up and revolt.  Those words, “keeper of the home,” feel like a cage.  Like a punishment.  Like I’ve been benched from real life.  And put in a place of bland resignation.  Yes, Holy Spirit, you have my attention. [Continue…]

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Merciful Days: Where is my joy?


Where is my joy

“Oh Mum I’m so tired and grumpy,” she said with eyelids heavy and voice slow. “My class was sooooo long today.”

Not true.  Her tumbling class is always the same length. And for the record, she loves her tumbling class.  At least, she used to.  But lately she’s been less eager in class.  And emotionally ragged when we leave.  She’s been lacking her usual joy and bounce.  I’m pretty sure I know why. [Continue…]

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Merciful Days: The Lost Art of Family


Lost art of family

934622_595542560468966_196241854_n“Cooking skills used to be passed down from generation to generation but this trend has been broken and now millions of people lack even the most basic skills.”Clean Food Living

This grabbed my heart today.

What a truth.  We are dealing with the terrible repercussions of lost cooking skills. People are living with disease and some are even dying young because we simply don’t know how to eat.  Oh friends, if only this were the worst loss we were facing.

This apparent loss of cooking skills is only indicative of a much larger problem:  So many things used to be passed down from generation to generation, but now millions of people lack even the most basic skills of… everything. 

This list of what we’ve lost is endless:  all kinds of skills, passions, strength-development, wisdom, character.  Losing generation-to-generation instruction impacts… everything.  And we are deeply suffering as a society and as individuals.  We are lacking things we don’t even know are missing.  How terrible it is: We have lost the power and value of family. [Continue…]

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Merciful Days: My Father


my father square“Have you asked God about it?” My dad’s kind and gentle eyes looked right into my heart.

He could have shouted, “NO WAY!”
He could have declared, “No daughter of mine will have a pierced eyebrow!”
He could have pleaded, “Please don’t.”

I was prepared for all of those scenarios.

Instead, my Father had lovingly directed me to our Father, Yahweh. [Continue…]

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Merciful Days: The Unbeautiful Beautiful


Beautiful squareSimple streamers floated in the breeze.  Free Burger King crowns sat in an awkward pile.  Sidewalk chalk sticks dotted the driveway.  This was no Pinterest-worthy project.  No hand-made guest party favors.  No cutesy photo-booth props.  No fabulous fondant wrapped cake.  And yet, it was utterly beautiful. [Continue…]

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