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Merciful Days: Inspection Fear


Inspection Fear

Heat-herding curtains hanging in the stair-well. Electric blanket on the bed. Drawers of summer clothes half-way traded for tubs of winter ones.  Outdoor play pieces and summer toys piled in the garage.  It’s Fall.  Suddenly.  Sadly. Unusually early.  The cold, rainy season is here.  And amidst all these season-change-over activities, I regretfully felt inspired to clean off a bookshelf and contemplate every book we own.  This resulted in piles upon piles of books waiting for new spots on our shelves.  (Or a trip to Half-Price Books if I can get my heart to admit that I’ve been treating books like they are family members.)

It was a mess.  An unending loop of uncompleted tasks. Daunting tasks that are great excuses for not completing other ones.  Like bathroom cleaning. Bed-linen washing. Meal planning. Homework supervising. Blog writing.

I haven’t quite got the hang of having a kid in school.  And our home is showing the fruit of my inadequacies. Our home looks like my heart and mind does.  Disorganized. Unraveling. Cluttered. In-process.

On Wednesday night I found out our landlord was coming to do an annual property inspection on Friday. [Continue…]

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New on MercifulDays: To Be Filled


TFilled squarehe sheer speed of those weeks made my heart race.  Each moment gone in a blink.  Each day like a breath.  Each night my dreams were of falling short.  And each morning I woke with words on my lips, “How can I do this?”

I felt like a bridge spanning two very different worlds.  A bridge stretched beyond it’s design.  And like our recent I-5 bridge collapse, I wondered what passing moment could cause my demise.

But I dared to believe, with just the smallest measure of faith, that Yahweh would fill my need. [Continue…]

ColoursofColor has a new name and a new home: 

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New on Merciful Days: Simeon


Simeon FeatureHave you heard?  ColoursofColor has a new name and a new home: 

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Latest Post:  Simeon

Simeon’s story draws me in.  I’m intrigued by this “just a man” who ministered in the power of the Holy Spirit.  This past Sunday I had the honor of digging into Luke 2:25-35 with our church family.  [Continue…]

New on Merciful Days: Pulling Weeds


1 Thess 5v11Have you heard?  ColoursofColor has a new name and a new home:  and

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Latest Post:  Pulling Weeds

He mindlessly pulled little weeds as we talked.  Before long there was a beautiful stretch of weed-free walkway.   He had not come to do weeding.  It happened on the side.  He didn’t even mention the weeds. No reference to. No criticism of.  No discussion about.  Maybe he didn’t even realize what he was doing.

After he left, I sat and looked at the freshly cleared path and saw a metaphor. [Continue reading…]

New on Merciful Days: Return On Investment

Ps 37v3aHave you heard?  ColoursofColor has a new name and a new home:  and  Join the Merciful Days community!Latest Post:  Return On Investment

It was late on Saturday night when I remembered the cupcake promise I’d made.  Ugh.  Graciously my incredible man offered to make the trip to the store to purchase the gluten-filled ingredients.  And then he stayed up and baked the 18 fluffy cupcakes because, even though I was the one who had promised to make them, I cannot be around flour.  The fine gluten dust makes my face and throat itch and swell.  An hour later, with bleary eyes, we left those glorious cupcakes cooling on a rack and I set my alarm to get up early.  Frosting was my job. [Continue…]