Merciful Days: Put It Into Practice


Luke 11v28My husband said he felt silly.  I felt silly too.  But our kids felt excited and empowered.

Today was our first day of practicing a new morning routine for school.  Practicing getting up early.  Practicing getting ready.  Practicing walking to the school.  Practicing praying together at her campus.  And practicing walking home.

It has been a very big and prayerful process to decide what kind of schooling would be a good fit for our first-born this year.  There are so many fantastic options.  Each with pros and cons.  This past week, I felt the Holy Spirit speak something very specific to me about His plans and vision for our child this year.  And we’ve landed on a choice we feel good about.  And so I’m looking at the year ahead with a beautiful peace and comfort.

What I don’t feel peaceful about is the dramatic change to our mornings.  We’ll be getting up an hour earlier than our much-loved, no-alarm, let-the-sun-gently-wake-you mornings.  And thankfully we had foresight and decided it would be smart to change our morning routine in advance.  And so, this morning was our first practice morning.

Our little family walked alone.  Down a very busy street.  A little backpack on.  Towards a student-less school.  Into a parking lot where a handful of teachers were arriving to work in their empty classrooms.

Next week the sidewalks will be teeming with hundreds of walking families. But today we looked like a big mistake.  Like we’d gotten our days mixed.  Like we were stupid. It was embarrassing. [Continue…]


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