GF CDF SF Mexican Chicken Divan


Mexican Chicken Divan 1It’s raining today. Summer is taking a nap. And I’m craving Chicken Divan.  Rich, creamy, cheesy. I could eat a whole pan on my own.  No joke.  I mean, have you had Chicken Divan?  The very week my doctor said I could add goat dairy into my diet, we had Chicken Divan for dinner.  It’s in our meal plan for once every other month.  I would do it more often but I don’t want to get sick of it. (Have I told you? I tend to be an obsessive lover of things to the point of overload and then the love is gone.  For example, I’ll play a favorite song on repeat over and over until suddenly I can’t bear hearing it ever again. Except Nara by E.S. Posthumus. Somehow that song has stood strong against my fickle love. Listening to it right now in fact.)

Well, I’ve found a way to have more Chicken Divan in our lives: a Mexican variation!  It all started with this:  ground coriander. Love. [Continue…]

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