Adding to your Reader


Hi friends, It has been so wonderful sharing life with you here on ColoursofColor.  The community is special.

My new home is with and one of the downsides is not being part of my old WP community.  But there is remedy!

You can add MercifulDays to your Reader on!  Or you can subscribe to receive emails each time I post on MercifulDays.

Join us at MercifulDays!  Looking forward to seeing you there!

HOW TO ADD to your Reader:

1. From your Reader Tab: Go to “Blogs I Follow” and click EDIT

Reader 1

2. Enter into the field and click FOLLOW.  Ta da!  It’s that simple!  You can also edit delivery settings.

Reader 2

HOW TO SUBSCRIBE to receive email notifications:

1. On the home page, enter your email in the top right hand section.  Click ENTER.  And that’s it! So easy.

Subscribe 1

Looking forward to sharing life with you at MercifulDays!


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