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Merciful Days: Where is my joy?


Where is my joy

“Oh Mum I’m so tired and grumpy,” she said with eyelids heavy and voice slow. “My class was sooooo long today.”

Not true.  Her tumbling class is always the same length. And for the record, she loves her tumbling class.  At least, she used to.  But lately she’s been less eager in class.  And emotionally ragged when we leave.  She’s been lacking her usual joy and bounce.  I’m pretty sure I know why. [Continue…]

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Merciful Days: The Lost Art of Family


Lost art of family

934622_595542560468966_196241854_n“Cooking skills used to be passed down from generation to generation but this trend has been broken and now millions of people lack even the most basic skills.”Clean Food Living

This grabbed my heart today.

What a truth.  We are dealing with the terrible repercussions of lost cooking skills. People are living with disease and some are even dying young because we simply don’t know how to eat.  Oh friends, if only this were the worst loss we were facing.

This apparent loss of cooking skills is only indicative of a much larger problem:  So many things used to be passed down from generation to generation, but now millions of people lack even the most basic skills of… everything. 

This list of what we’ve lost is endless:  all kinds of skills, passions, strength-development, wisdom, character.  Losing generation-to-generation instruction impacts… everything.  And we are deeply suffering as a society and as individuals.  We are lacking things we don’t even know are missing.  How terrible it is: We have lost the power and value of family. [Continue…]

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Merciful Days: Let Go


Let Go Square“I WANT my POOP!” He was sobbing from the depths of his heart. “I want it. I want it. I want it.”

Sweet little man. This is a normal part of growing up.  It’s time to learn to let go.  Each day we talked about it. He needed vision and truth: “Poop is not your friend. Honey, we are not keeping your poop. Your diaper must be changed.  Poop has to be thrown away.”

I’m sensing that potty training may take a while with this one. And I am seeing a metaphor I can’t ignore. [Continue…]

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