GF DF SF Butternut & Broccoli Shepherd’s Pie


Shepherds Pie Square Buying a whole butternut is a big commitment. I hate, deeply hate, when food gets wasted. When I buy a butternut pumpkin, we’re going to eat the whole thing. Whether we like it or not. So my challenge is to find ways to use some core ingredients over and over in a week but produce dishes with different flavors. (Part of a larger quest to find 31 great meals for each season on the year.)

This week’s core ingredients: Butternut Pumpkin and Broccoli

Meal #1: Coconut Quinoa Bean & Veg Casserole

Meal #2: is one of my childhood favorites: Shepherd’s Pie! My Granny made the most amazing Shepherd’s Pie. I have wonderful childhood memories of her delicious creamy potatoes and savory meat on cold winter nights. She, of course, used farm-woman ingredients: butter and cream. And to be honest I’ve been wary of trying substitutes. [Continue…]

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  1. WE LOVE BUTTERNUT! and this sounds delightful, especially on a rainy, cold NW day, maybe tonight?! Thanks, love the idea!

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