GF DF SF Coconut Quinoa Bean & Veg Casserole


Coconut Quinoa SquareThe things we learn as children are the things we rely on as adults.  Our childhood becomes a foundation for an instinctual autopilot of sorts.  A failsafe.  A default set of assumptions that we rely on every day.  For our actions and reactions.  For every day relationships and for uncommon encounters with danger.  For our basic habits and for our fight or flight response.  And most people just live life without ever giving things a second thought.

“No matter what side of the car the driver’s seat is on, keep your body in the middle of the road,” Dad was preparing me for international driving.  “The driver is always in the middle and the passenger side is always to the curb.”

(Note: He is right.  Except when you change sides of the road when you drive from a country like Thailand into a country like Burma.  But that’s a whole other conversation.  And if you’re driving from Thailand to Burma, you’ll be worrying about bigger things than oncoming traffic. Anyhoo…)  [Continue…]

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