Ok.  Here’s the thing:  I’ve entered the world of “monetized” blogs.  And I need your advice / insights / opinion.

On this blog, ColoursofColor, I cannot post ads or other monetizing avenues.  The ads placed on here are done so by WordPress and all funds go to them.

To place advertising on my blog I had to buy my own domain name and get a host.  Surprisingly those can be done really inexpensively!

And so, MercifulDays.com was born.  I switched names because a friend said he can never remember where the “u” goes in ColoursofColor.  And the first rule of domain names is to be easy to remember.  After weeks of searching for available domain options, I am so happy to have MercifulDays!!

MercifulDays has a wider scope than ColoursofColor.  MercifulDays is a blog about food, faith, and things I love.  The beta version is up and running.  Check out www.MercifulDays.com and let me know what you think!

So comes the quandary:  What do I do with ColoursofColor?

1. Keep Colours going as is? Focusing solely on Faith writing?  But how do I link my two sets of readers?

2. Move Colours to www.mercifuldays.wordpress.com?  And run the same expanded content of “Food, Faith and Things I Love” on both MercifulDays blogs?

3. Close Colours and focus entirely on MercifulDays?  And lose my WordPress community 😦

4. Another option???

What do you think I should do?  I need your help!  Write your thoughts below or vote on the poll!


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  1. I like how you have it now- linked from the other site. But really, it seems like the question to ask is what is the purpose of each of them? Love ya girl!

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