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New on Merciful Days: Return On Investment

Ps 37v3aHave you heard?  ColoursofColor has a new name and a new home:  and  Join the Merciful Days community!Latest Post:  Return On Investment

It was late on Saturday night when I remembered the cupcake promise I’d made.  Ugh.  Graciously my incredible man offered to make the trip to the store to purchase the gluten-filled ingredients.  And then he stayed up and baked the 18 fluffy cupcakes because, even though I was the one who had promised to make them, I cannot be around flour.  The fine gluten dust makes my face and throat itch and swell.  An hour later, with bleary eyes, we left those glorious cupcakes cooling on a rack and I set my alarm to get up early.  Frosting was my job. [Continue…]


New on Merciful Days: GF DF SF Pancakes


Pancakes 1Have you heard?  ColoursofColor has a new name and a new home:  and  Join the Merciful Days community!

Latest Post:  GF DF SF Pancakes

This weekend we landed on a GF DF SF pancake winner!  Thin, flavorful, and cooked all the way through.  At last!

GF DF SF Thin Pancakes
Gluten-Free | Dairy-Free | Sugar-Free

[Read the full article…]

Introducing: Merciful Days


MercifulDays Quote 2Introducing:, a new blog about Food, Faith, Family, Things I Love.

ColoursofColor now has a new name and a new home.  Please join our MercifulDays community!  You can subscribe to follow at or

After a year of sharing my faith journey on my blog, ColoursOfColor, I wanted to share more.

I love to share life. I love to share journeys.  I love to share resources, ideas, short-cuts.  Anything that can help us thrive in our journeys as women, sisters, daughters, wives, mothers, learners, mentors.

Here’s the thing: I am not a “natural” in the home.  I am at home with our two little ones because we prayed and felt that’s what we should do.  It’s not because my husband earns enough.  It’s not because I feel women should.  It’s not because it’s my life dream.  None of those are true for me.  It’s simply because, as we prayed, I felt a deep-hearted compulsion for it.  I feel God has drawn me to journey with Him in this place for this season.  And with the Holy Spirit as my teacher, I am learning how to do it day-by-day.  Moment-by-moment.

I am not a “natural” in the kitchen. I cook by sense.  Smell, taste, sight.  I have a short attention span for following recipes.  Once I ended up baking cookies without flour.  I wouldn’t have done that if I’d been thinking my own thoughts instead of trying to follow a recipe.  And so I stopped using recipes.  A year ago I was diagnosed with an illness that requires a special diet: Gluten-Free, Cow-Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Sugars-Free, Can-Free.  Suddenly I had to start looking at recipes again.  I’ve had to relearn all the basics of cooking.  And learn about nutrition.  To provide nourishment for my family and for my healing body.

I’m not a “natural” in relationships. I have a deep yearning to share life and be in community but I am no good at it.  I don’t think any of us are.  Sharing our hearts and our days is tricky. Letting ourselves be fully seen and known is so risky.  So is knowing others and choosing to love them despite everything.  But there is no real life without community.  There is nothing more beautiful than the depth of life that comes from being intertwined with others.  So I keep trying.  And learn daily lessons about love, forgiveness, and mercy.

And so I want to share my journey of womanhood, wifehood, motherhood.  Of faith, and practicalities.  Of home, and kitchen, and relationships.  One day at a time.  Not getting discouraged by failings.  Not getting inflated by successes.  Starting fresh each day.  Washed by His new mercies every morning.

Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each day. (Lam 3:23 NLT)

I Don’t Need Help


Ecc 4v12aHe said the same words I’ve heard hundreds of times, “Do you need any help out today?”

“No, I’m fine thanks.” Came my automatic reply as I tried to pick up our over-tired 2-year-old and get the attention of our day-dreaming almost-5.

Because, I don’t NEED help.  I got this.  I mean, I have no excuse to feel otherwise.  I should be able to handle the life I have. I should be able to do things on my own.  I should be able to wrangle the kids I chose to have.  I should have all this in hand.  And I shouldn’t be a burden on anyone else.  I shouldn’t need help.  That’s right. Yep, I got this.

“Actually, having help out would be amazing.” I whispered.  “Because I never know what to do with the shopping cart when I have two little ones waiting in the car.”

His eyes were kind and he grew a smile as he spoke… [Continue]

COLOURS OF COLOR has a new name and a new home:  Introducing  MERCIFUL DAYS:  Food – Faith – Family – Things I love.



Ok.  Here’s the thing:  I’ve entered the world of “monetized” blogs.  And I need your advice / insights / opinion.

On this blog, ColoursofColor, I cannot post ads or other monetizing avenues.  The ads placed on here are done so by WordPress and all funds go to them.

To place advertising on my blog I had to buy my own domain name and get a host.  Surprisingly those can be done really inexpensively!

And so, was born.  I switched names because a friend said he can never remember where the “u” goes in ColoursofColor.  And the first rule of domain names is to be easy to remember.  After weeks of searching for available domain options, I am so happy to have MercifulDays!!

MercifulDays has a wider scope than ColoursofColor.  MercifulDays is a blog about food, faith, and things I love.  The beta version is up and running.  Check out and let me know what you think!

So comes the quandary:  What do I do with ColoursofColor?

1. Keep Colours going as is? Focusing solely on Faith writing?  But how do I link my two sets of readers?

2. Move Colours to  And run the same expanded content of “Food, Faith and Things I Love” on both MercifulDays blogs?

3. Close Colours and focus entirely on MercifulDays?  And lose my WordPress community 😦

4. Another option???

What do you think I should do?  I need your help!  Write your thoughts below or vote on the poll!



Ps 62v8bMy eyes can’t believe the images of Oklahoma. That storm was a mindless giant. Wild and ruthless. Leaving nothing in its wake. Just rubble. Miles upon miles of rubble.

Can you even believe anyone survived? It’s incredible. Many are dead but many are alive.

I looked at the eyes of the interviewed survivors. I saw utter numbness. But all too soon that will wear off.

They survived a horror. And now they will need to survive. Every day.

When the adrenaline is gone. And the shock wears off. And reality is all-consuming. And the disaster relief fundraisers are long forgotten by the rest of us. When night terrors hold them. And the memories stay strong.

Survival is chronic. A marathon. A lifelong companion.

Oh how we need Yahweh. For we have all survived something. And we all survive every day. And humans were created to be fueled by His power and sustained by His Love. To attempt survival without Him is a desperate and bare journey. Oh how we need Yahweh.

My heart lays low today for those who were whirled and thrown by that storm. That storm and all the storms in our world today. The natural storms. Political storms. Storms of war. Storms of hatred. Whirlwinds of hunger. Displacement. Ruin. Disease. We are facing storms on all sides.

Today I sit hidden in Him, my Rock. And gather strength and hope from His Love. He holds me amidst the whirlwinds. He carries me when the storms prevail. And he will deliver me into beautiful eternity when my days of survival here are over. Oh how we need Yahweh.

Praying for my human race. That our eyes would see His Love. That our hearts would embrace Him. None should have to be without Him.

For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him. He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken. On God rests my salvation and my glory; my mighty rock, my refuge is God. Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us. Selah. (Psalm 62:5-8 ESV)

Enjoy The Time


Ps 23v5bIt was a terrible sad cry. A mix of pain and desperation. It was coming from our child at 6:30am.

I brought her into my room so she wouldn’t wake her brother. I consoled her and she calmed down enough for me to ask why she was crying.

“I want it to be seven-thirty but it’s not… (wailing sobs began again)”

7:30 is play time. When her little digital clock says “7-3-0,” she knows that quiet time is over and play time begins.  Today 7-3-0 is coming too slowly.  Today 6-3-0 is unbearable.

Oh my sweet child. 

“There is nothing we can do to speed up time or skip ahead. You need to be able to relax and enjoy the time it is.” My words were not just for her.

Sigh. How often I do this. Wanting to be in a different season. A fun season. A season of playing and joy.  How often I lament the season I’m in.

This week I’ve been side-swiped by three days of weird doctor appointments. Each day another wave barreled over us.  And I am squirming against the oppressive weight of this week.

It feels unbearable.

After my daughters tears this morning, I have decided to do something practical today.

Amidst administering doses of medications to the three of us at home, I’m baking a cake.  A cake that we can all eat and enjoy.  Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugars-Free, Soy-Free, Rice-Free, Oat-Free, Metal-Free.

Today, my friends, I am going to sit down and eat cake.  I am not going to clean the bathrooms.  I am not going to do laundry.  I am not going to work on anything.  I am not going to push and strive against this season. Today I can’t. I would wail. I would lament.

Instead, I am going to relax and enjoy the time it is.  I’m at home with my two little ones.  We are too sick to go anywhere.  But we can eat some cake.

I am not saying that the way to approach hardship is to do nothing and eat cake.  I’m just saying that today, that’s what I feel to do.

I’m going to enjoy the time it is.

_ _ _

The cake is cooked.  The kids are having their rest time.  The sun is shining.  And I feel good.

Funny thing is, baking a cake has changed me.  I was overwhelmed.  But now I feel hopeful.

Slowing down and enjoying my season has given me the joy and energy I was craving.

I think I’ll do a load of laundry. 🙂

You revive my drooping head; my cup brims with blessing. (Psalm 23:5b MSG)