Reblog: Rogue Saints Film Review


Dear Readers:  It has been an honor to be involved with Rogue Saints, a new Christian movie that releases to DVD on Oct 16, 2012. Check out this awesome review by Film Reviewer, Dale Ward.

Dale Ward

Rogue Saints” is a high-class gem of a film. Like the diamond that the main characters seek to uncover, it is multi-cut, and from any angle, the film is equally impressive. I first saw “Rogue Saints” on the big screen at The Attic Film Fest, and I was looking forward to seeing it again – which says a lot about how I feel about the film. Does it hold up on the small screen? You bet it does.
Director Adam Lubanski does a stellar job in this film about Nick and Dylan, a couple of inept aspiring thieves, who spend their days and nights digging for a one-of-a-kind diamond buried under a church. All the while, church business continues-as-usual above them, completely unaware of the shaky foundation underneath. Like a classic Donald Westlake novel or a Cary Grant screwball comedy, this film is one part…

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