Why am I blogging?


When you set up a new account, WordPress gives a step-by-step guide to creating a blog. One of the steps I loved is “Get Focused“.

Isn’t there something special about the feel of a pencil? I love sharp pencils. And I love love love the stationery aisle at stores. It’s one of my window shopping delights… looking at the rows of pens, pencils, and notebooks. And, second only to Christmas, Back-to-school season makes me giddy. I have such fond and vivid memories of first days of school and the smell of brand new pencils and books. Can’t WAIT for my kids to be school aged so I can actually justify a purchase from this aisle.

… what was the name of that step? Get Focused? Oh right. Focus.

Why am I blogging? A dear friend and mentor recently said to me: “Do not underestimate the power of your unique voice.” It really got the cogs of my mind turning. My voice. Powerful? Unique, yes. But, powerful? Hmmm. I have underestimated the power of my unique voice.

I am a woman of great gifting and passion. I am a woman created with a purpose and gifted for this season. I have experience and insights from being an immigrant and traveler, from being at home with young kids, from being deeply invested in my church, and from years of pastoral ministry with teens and families. But above all that, I am a girl who loves to share life with friends. I love sharing the deep heart stuff of life. I love sharing faith insights. I love sharing womanhood and wifehood journeys. I love sharing tips and tricks for surviving and even enjoying the craziness of motherhood.

My family and friends are scattered around the world. I want to keep sharing life despite our geography. And so the blogging begins…

Why do you blog?


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