Colours of Color


I thought for a long time about the name of this blog.  The creative, poetic part of me wanted it to be layered in meaning.  The practical part of me wanted it to be simple and memorable.  My thoughts wandered through phrases and words that have been important to me through me life.  Horizon Blue: My favorite color because it holds a new adventure.  Forget-me-not: The desire to be loved and cared for.  Creative, Beauty, Unique: There are many words that describe me but none that can stand alone and still have fullness.  Color:  Hmmm.  Color.  Yes… I like the double meaning… to affect & influence.  Which spelling?  My native tongue “colour” or my current tongue “color”?  And then it came to me: There are many colours of color.  Each color has shades and tints.  Each element of me is multifaceted and beautiful.  Ta da!  Colors of Color.

Choosing this blog name was not at all like choosing the names of my babies.
– You can give your baby a name that another person already has.
– Your baby’s name doesn’t have to witty, catchy or clever.
– Your baby’s name is somewhat set in stone.

So here we go… this blog name is not already taken, it is poetic and has layers of meaning and if I end up hating it I can change it!  Yay!

“Colours of Color”
– Aussie spelling and American spelling to represent my two countries.
– Points to the diversity and beauty of each of our lives.
– Speaks of the power each of us has to use our unique selves to influence those around us.

Eph 2:10

How did you name your blog?


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